Sunday, April 5, 2009


On this beautiful sunday there is not much to report as everyone is probably being as lazy as I am, so why not start a new addition to the blog, something I like to call "Jay Eye's Thoughts" from my brain to your eyes. This is a chance for me to get personal with you readers. Read if you like or if this aint your cup of tea, just skip ahead to the other stuff.

-Just to start off, it was great seeing Eminem return to the spotlight in such a way, not for himself but to honor music legends. I do believe that this will be a very good next few years for Marshall Mathers. I think we should all be very excited for whats to come.
-Foam Party's are the fucking shit!!!! I DJ'd my first this weekend and I can honestly say it is madness. This form of partying should happen a lot more and on much bigger scales perhaps?
-Should DJ's start playing Chris Brown music again? This is a very interesting topic that I feel I should address. I just want to establish that I was and still am absolutely disgusted with the actions of Chris Brown. There have been different stories of who started what and he said/she said, but this does not matter. I dont care if the girl threw a brick at him, you do not lay your hands on a woman...EVER. But then one has to take into consideration, how long must we dwell on this and how long until we, as the fans, forgive him? I am a man who believes in forgiveness and I do believe that people can change. While I am mortified by his actions, do I believe Chris Brown is sorry for his actions? ABSOLUTELY! But is he sorry for the right reasons? People say that when woman beaters get caught, its most likely never the first time. So is he sorry for what he did, or is he sorry that he got caught? We will probably never know but until he shows some signs of remorse and signs of becoming a better person because of these past events, then I think that we should still not support him. I cant say what these actions are but when they come, we will know.
-I will be returning home for easter this weekend, a time I usually look forward to. Ever year my family has had a huge Easter Party on sunday. Sadly, this year will be the first time in a while we will not have this party. The reason for this, as Im sure many of you know, because of TMZ's great compassion for family privacy, that my father and mother are going through a divorce. Now I am not here to focus on my particular case but rather the issue of divorce in general. If we lived in a perfect world, each marriage would end in happiness and each person would be able to stay with their husbands/wives till the day they die. This, unfortunately/fortunately, however you look at it, this is not reality. I am not saying divorce is an essential way of life but I do believe that if the magic is lost and the couple do not feel that they can be together anymore, then you cant expect them to fake it or waste their time living a lie. Also if you feel that you need to end your marriage, if you have children, please keep it civil. If not for your sake then your kid's. If you are going to get a divorce, please keep a few things in mind. DO NOT fight in front of the kids, even though its not their fault, they will feel it is is. Also, really try to remain friends with your former husband/wife. This means hanging out with each other on birthdays/ballgames/recitals/ etc. This will mean the world to your children. Im not asking you to stay with your significant other if you feel that the love isnt there anymore, but if your going to go through such an ugly situation, please try to make it the best situation you can.

Well thats it, my thoughts of the day. Take it how you want. Should this be a part of the blog? A peak into my mind every so often? Well I enjoyed writing it, if you dont enjoy reading it, like I said, just skip to the parts you do like.

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